Olympic Special

Bob Levi sent this timely, topical tale. It is by Ted Brett.

Seeing Picabo Street carrying the Olympic torch during last Friday’s opening ceremony in Salt Lake City brought back memories of her upset victory in the giant slalom four years ago at Nagano. Three weeks after receiving a gold medal for her Olympian efforts, she had a disastrous crash in a World Cup race. This devastating accident kept her from competing for more than two years.

Her injuries included broken bones, torn ligaments, deep bone bruises and a concussion which resulted in considerable mental anguish. Surgical teams at one hospital worked extensively on Ms. Street to repair the damage. Staff at this same hospital provided physical therapy services and also helped her overcome her mental problems.

She was so grateful to the staff for working so closely with her during rehabilitation that she donated a substantial sum of money to the hospital. The funds allowed them to renovate their post surgical and critical care facility, which they named for their benefactor. Naturally, it’s called the Picabo I.C.U.

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