Old Lady, Oh!

This came from BevJoe. Thanks, Bev.

There were two brothers who were national yodeling champions. One day their car broke down out in the middle of nowhere, and they had to put up at a farmhouse. As fate always has it, there was a beautiful farmer’s daughter at the house.

The two brothers had a way of communicating over several miles by yodeling to each other. One particular yodel (ay-la-de-o-la-te-tu) signaled trouble, and meant for the other one to run.

Anyway, the farmer warned the two brothers not to mess with his daughter. The next morning the farmer was up before dawn, and caught his daughter in the bed with one of the brothers. He grabbed his gun and shouted that he would start counting, and if the guy wasn’t out of his sight by the count of five he would shoot him.

Well, the fellow high-tailed it out of there and was just jumping over the fence when the farmer hit three. He was yodeling the trouble call to warn his brother of impending doom, when the farmer suddenly shot him at the count of three.

The other brother came running out of his room and said, “What happened?”

The farmer said, “I caught your brother sleeping with my daughter and, although I gave him a fair chance to escape, before he was out of sight he yelled, “I laid the old lady, too,” so I shot him.

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