Oh, Give Me a Groan, When the Wifie’s Not Home

This was sent to Brian by Bill Visee who says, “The following groaner hit me on my way back from lunch. My wife always hopes it’s a bus, instead.”

The insurance agent and the local sheriff were sharing a table in an extremely crowded railroad dining car on their way to Los Angeles.

“What brings you to L.A.?” queried the insurance agent.

“Looking for this man,” answers the sheriff as he shows the insurance agent a picture of his prey.

Just then, the Maitre d’ ushers over a man matching the sheriff’s picture in every way. The man stumbles as he goes to take his seat, falling cleanly on the insurance agent’s briefcase.

“It’s him!” exclaims the sheriff.

“I don’t think so!” opines the insurance agent as he wrestles with the crumpled contents of his briefcase.

“It’s just a case of misshapen indemnity.”

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