O. Henry Pun-Off 2010: mmMVP Award

The McClughan Memorial Most Viable Punster Award (mmMVP) is given by contestants in each year’s O. Henry Pun-Off to the “most viable punster” in the contest.

For the 2010 Pun-Off, Gary Hallock said:

By a vote of his peers, P.O.S. silver medalist, Jacob Dodson also won the coveted mmMVP trophy. We can’t say he walked away with it because he laughed early due to a case of premature jocularity. The award was accepted in his stayed by event producer, Gary Hallock, who had earlier so much benefited from Jacob’s assistance in assembling the colorful stage backdrop.

Jacob was outstanding in the Punniest of Show competition, and an argument can be made that his entry was the best. He went second, which was a tough draw.

In general, I thought the competition Saturday was top notch, but some of Gary’s MCing was rather clumsy. In fact, you could say he was the O. Henry Pun-Oaf.

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