O.Henry Pun-Off 2014 – Mark Your Calendar

This year’s O.Henry Pun-Off World Championship will be held on May 10th in downtown Austin, Texas. Look for official details to be released soon by your fine punsters at PunPunPun.com.

You can also keep up on Facebook.

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  1. i just watched cbs sunday. and although i am probably one of the foremost punny guys in my group, and i do appreciate quick wits and wordplay, right now i a a bit stressed. on the tv show, there was a guy, gary something, who was wearing the american flag as an item of clothing. i do wish someone would call this to his attention, since he was probably unaware of the rules of respect for the flag.

    thank you,


  2. I’m pretty sure that only applies to turning an actual flag into a piece of clothing. I don’t think his shirt was ever actually a flag.

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