Northern Lights

Stan Kegel and Gary Hallock are responsible for the punchline.

This guy and his girlfriend lived in Austin and they decided to go and see the northern lights. They figured that they would just drive north on I-35 until they got to the end and that should do it. So, they set out on their trip and they’re both very excited. They are so excited that it is all they can talk about.

Well, after a couple of days they get to the end of I-35 just south of the Canadian border. They find a nice field in which to park, and the entire sky is lit up with the beautiful northern lights. The guy, who’s been driving, leaps out of the car at the wonder of it all; he’s jumping up and down like a little kid.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend is still sitting in the car and reading a magazine. He can’t believe it! So he says, “What’s the matter? Does the aurora bore ya, Alice?”

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