Noah’s Ark Revisited

This was sent to us by John Storey. The author is not known. Thanks, John.

A few years after the Great Flood, God spoke to Noah again.

“I’m not very happy about the way things have turned out”, He said, “so I’m going to send another flood. This time though, I want you to build a different Ark. I’m fed up with the animals — they fight all the time and eat one another; birds aren’t much better. Now fish – fish are alright. I like fish, especially carp. Carp are nice friendly fish, very relaxing. So, Noah, I want you to build another Ark filled with fish tanks full of carp. In fact, I want you to build an Ark with not one deck, but seven decks, all filled with fish tanks full of carp. Can you do it?”

“Yes, Lord, I can do that”, replied Noah, “but can we get one thing straight? What is it exactly You want for me to build?”

“A multi-story carp Ark!”

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