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mmMVP Award

Created by the O.Henry Pun-Off in 2001, the McClughan Memorial Most Viable Punster Award (mmMVP) is given by contestants in each year’s Pun-Off to the “most viable punster” in the contest. The award was the idea of the late George McClughan, and was named in his honor at the third presentation of the award.

Previous winners include:

2017 – Jerzy Gwiazdowski
2016 – Janani Krishnan-Jh
2015 – Jerzy Gwiazdowski
2014 – Alex Petri
2013 – Alex Petri
2012 – Jerzy Gwiazdowski
2011 – Matt Pollock
2010 – Jacob Dodson
2009 – Andy Balinsky
2008 – Valerie Ward
2007 – Eirik Ott
2006 – Valerie Ward
2005 – Chris Caillouet
2004 – Brian Oakley and Steven Fuller
2003 – Carlotta Stankiewicz
2002 – Gina Mani
2001 – Gina Mani

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