New Star Trek Movie

This was originally posted by Larry Kirby (aka Laredith) in alt.callahans.

A friend of mine from La La Land has written me about the new Star Trek movie, so I thought I’d share it here, as Callahanians are well known for their love of Star Trek.

At the beginning of the movie, the Borg invade, and one of the first planets threatened is the planet of the Hortas. Picard meets with the leader of the Hortas, an off-white Horta named Nextal, who assigns his assistant to work with Picard on defense. Picard learns that the Horta are suffering a racial inferiority complex, partly due to human miners calling them “Bricks” as in “thick as a …”

Nextal’s assistant asks that Starfleet sell the Horta several starships, on credit, (The Gagarian, the Danny Deever and the Savic) so the Horta can participate in their own defense and regain their pride. Starfleet agrees, the ships are delivered to the pale Horta leader’s assistant, and the Horta aid in smashing the Borg incursion. Everything ends well, as the Hortas thank Picard for letting them get the ships on credit.

The movie was going to be called “Resurrection”, but it’s been changed to…


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