New Hampshire Haberdashery

By James L. Ryan. Most of his tales are true, though I have suspicions about this one.

At one time there was a men’s store located in Nashua, New Hampshire, owned by one Donald Wenauer, that last name having been somewhat Anglicised so that it was pronounced “wee-now-er”. The clothing in the store had a strong appeal to those of a certain affinity. One year during the Christmas season the owner, having a good sense of humor, posted a big sign in his store window, “Don Wenauer — Gay Apparel”.

Bob Dvorak responded:

Unfortunately the gay and lesbian community failed to see the humor in it. He was picketed and forced to close the store. He reopened as a millinery. As the Wenauer sign came down and the milliner sign went up, he looked approvingly and said, “Well, hat’s hat.”

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