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Category: Pun Cascade, Puns@yahoogroups.com, Rated PG

A pun-cascade from several of the usual suspects at P.U.N.Y.

Amazon.com currently is advertising their new students’ dictionary
full of erroneous information: Flunk and Wagnalls.


There’s a new word compendium aimed directly at the homeless
community. It’s called the “Under-a-bridge Dictionary.”


I’ve always enjoyed thumbing through specialized dictionaries, but it bugs
me that I can’t find one on entomology.

What famous dictionary publishing house is patronized by NBA players?



A woman who wants to avoid a man’s advances can find the right words to turn
him down with in the dick-shun-ary.


A dictionary for the hearing impaired has deafinitions.


Does a dictionary with verbiage about songs vocalized without words offer


I know a man who decided to write a song using all of the words in the
It began something like–It takes a wordy man to sing a wordy song.


I am not wordy of the honor (or offer) you are bestowing on me tonight.


Would the opposite of “uncle” be its auntonym?


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