Mounting a Peak Effort

The first part of this tale is by Bob Dvorak who posted it to the PUNY listserv. Jason Dias’ response is the second part. Chris Cole’s response is the third part.

Jerry and Cassie McCoy had brought the kids on vacation to Colorado. One of the anticipated highlights was climbing the 14,000-foot-plus Pike’s Peak by automobile.

Unfortunately, somewhere around the 11,000-foot marker, their car began to struggle. The engine definitely sounded strained, and was beginning to misfire occasionally. Jerry despondently turned around, returned to the village at the base of the mountain, and pulled into a garage.

“Your problem is obvious,” said the mechanic. “You have an eight-year- old car, mid-size, with a four- cylinder engine, a transmission geared for fuel economy, and a couple of healthy teenagers in the backseat. After 110,000 miles, your engine has probably lost some compression as well. You won’t make it in this car.” “Oh,” replied Jerry. “In that case, can you tell me where I can find a vehicle for higher?”

Jason says:

Here in Colorado Springs (the “village” at the base of the mountain) we have an avid mountain biking community. Had Jerry rented bikes at one of the several stores available for that purpose, he could have participated in the Pikes Peak Hillclimbing Ralleigh.

I think for most of us semi-out-of-shape adults, our bicycle of choice would be the Huffy!

Chris Cole

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