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A charming little continuation by John Barnstead as posted in alt.callahans.

“Reading Larry Niven’s “Ringworld Engineers” has prompted my curiosity in the area of inter-species sexual interactions,” Pernicious the Musquodoboit Harbour Farm Cat’s faithful amanuensis and general factotum admits somewhat sheepishly as he prepares to depart in search of his missing employer [Combs’ note: The Cat was missing at that time in the alt.callahans ficton].

During the course of my research and practical experimentation, prompted by such venerable literary antecedents as Vargas-Llosa’s “La ciudad y los perros”, Christopher Isherwood’s “Down There on a Visit”, and Isaac Babel’s “My First Goose” and “The Story of My Dovecote”, I discovered much to my chagrin that poultry seem more amenable to such intercourse after they have obtained a meal in their customary barnyard fashion. I therefore formulated what has since become known in the biological and psychological literature as the “PtMHFC’sFAaGF’s Principle”:


Naturally, since Pernicious the Musquodoboit Harbour Farm Cat’s orchidectomy some six years ago, his contributions to this fascinating field have had to be -er- cut short…

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