Missing Child

A very poor woman gave birth to identical twin boys, but she could not afford to keep them, so she arranged to give them up for adoption. Unfortunately, the agency could not keep them together, and one boy was adopted by a Mexican family and the other by an Arab family. The Mexican family named their boy ‘Juan’. The Arab family named theirs ‘Amal’.

The years passed, and the woman found herself wondering whatever happened to her two boys. “They must be all grown now,” she thought, and she asked her husband to track the families down and ask them for pictures of the boys.

A month or two later, they get a lovely response from the Mexican family, showing the boy Juan with his brothers and sisters, but they heard nothing from the Arab family. The mother was very upset, and she cried to her husband. He tries to calm her, saying: “Don’t worry dear, they look just the same. So, if you’ve seen Juan, you’ve seen Amal!”

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