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A Mess of Food Puns

Category: Gatling Puns, Rated G

Don Allen the following cascade of food/animal puns.

A friend of mine who served in the army a long while back, told me some mess hall nicknames for meals consisting of what could be described as “mystery meat”. Have you ever tasted “poodle with noodles” or enjoyed a slice or two of “slab of lab”? It made me think, what other canine cuisine is just waiting to be discovered? You won’t see any of these on Hell’s Kitchen! Maybe on Jeopardy someday? Here are a few examples (some of these were contributed by friends):

Rhyme time:

Ground hound
Shih-tzu stew
A little tex-mex, Akita fajita
or Chihuahua chimichanga
Shar-pei filet
or Shar-pei parfait?
Rot brats
Labrador thermidor

New category, before & after:

German shepherd pie
Chow chow mein
Yorkshire terrier pudding
Boston terrier baked beans?

More canine cuisine (mostly alliterative):

Terrier teriyaki
Pug poppers
Dachshund dogs
Whippet wellington or
Whippet creme
Peking pekinese
Beagle burgers
Beagle with cream cheese ( & lox), yum!

Now if the Jeopardy writers out there can think of the questions for these answers, it would fun to see on the show. Feel free to add any more!

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  1. dwill

     /  February 8, 2018

    What? No Shih-tzu prize? Gee.

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