Medical Use of Marijuana

Here is a new one by Stan Kegel. I am not in sympathy with the Feds who are not in sympathy with terminal cancer patients.

I live in a retirement community where the units are right up next to each other and there is little greenery except near the pool and recreational area. Each unit does have a three by six foot patch where each can grow flowers of his own choosing and it makes the area much warmer and livable.

Steve, one of my neighbors, is in his mid-eighties and has advanced cancer requiring weekly chemotherapy to keep the cancer from spreading, and as a result was vomiting everything he ate and was losing weight to the point he looked like a concentration camp survivor.

Recently his physician prescribed marijuana to control the vomiting.

While the medical use of marijuana is legal here in California, the feds see it differently and confiscate the plants whenever they find them.

Steve was able to obtain some cannabis plants and planted them in his little space in front of his unit. It has done wonders for Steve and in the past few months, he has been able to regain the forty pounds he had lost.

While he tries to remain cheerful and appears to be stoical, I know he is frightened that he will be raided. I’ve noticed that any time a strange car is in the area, the old man quivers, but he keeps on rolling his bong.

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