MacTavish’s Lament (An Adult Theme Shaggy Pup)

An old shaggy tale as remembered and recreated by Lowrie Beacham with help of Alan Combs. The punchline is all over the internet. We have been unable to find the original.

As the auld Scotsman was wont to do, MacTavish was bemoaning his lot in life. “‘Tis a hard thing,” he said. “By all rights, I should ha ben Laird Mayor of this town, but no, it dinna happen. With me ain two hands I designed and built most of the finest houses ye see here, but do they give me any credit? Nay, they dinna. I designed and built that bridge across the river, but did they name it after me? They dinna. All me life I did all this gude, but, all anyone can call to their minds when they hear the name ‘MacTavish’ is one wee unfortunate incident with a goat…”

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