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Lost Lake Cabins, Ontario

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This is by Bob Dvorak. Frequently his stories are wonderfully subtle, and you have to listen to the language as it is spoken to get the pun; such is the case with this one.

On our vacation my wife and I traveled to a remote corner of the province of Ontario. We drove into the small village and, lacking directions to our cabin, stopped at the little wood-frame building that said, simply, “Village Hall — Police Station”.

We walked in. It appeared the constable was out on his rounds — but there was a forty-something sitting at a desk in the corner behind a small sign that said “Mayor Todd Chambers”.

“Mr. Chambers? We have no directions to the Lost Lake Cabins, thought maybe you could help us.”

“Up from the states, eh? Good place to come on vacation, eh? We can get you there, eh?”

Under my breath I chuckled to my wife, “Think he’s Canadian?”

My wife replied, “Leave him alone. It’s obvious he’s the alpha male in this community.”

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