Longhorn Lament

By Alan B. Combs

As a college professor, I can stand back and watch the changes in education as they occur. In some respects, things are better, and in others not so good. With respect to expenses, everything is more costly. Here at The University, the home of the Illustrious Longhorns, even as we stay inexpensive in a relative sense, the cost is creeping up. It is creeping up even as you read this tale. Daily we hear the story of students who must sell off their precious belongings at local pawn shops to pay for those last few credits needed for graduation. In fact, the well-known battle cry is becoming:

Hock ’em, Horns!

After I told the story of how expensive it is getting to be a Longhorn, Dennis M. Dillow (denaldo@ev1.net) responded with:

That pun is bad enough to: “Gag ’em, Aggies.”

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