Lester Biddle, a Good Old Boy

I have received the following message from Rich Bentley .

Hello, Brian:

I have scanned your impressive compendium of Feghoots and am truly amazed. Conspicuous by its absence, however, is the story of Lester Biddle.

I first heard it on KSAN, a Country FM radio station in Oakland, CA, in the early 1980’s and have gotten a lot of mileage out of it since then.

Lester Biddle is one of many Texas millionaires, but he is different in that his fortune is not one made from the oil wells of that state.

Years ago Mr. Biddle began buying odds and ends at garage sales and flea markets. He had a keen eye for those items that would one day become collectable. Having bought up some old Barbie dolls and Lava Lamps he stored them in his garage for a time, then sold them at a very nice profit once their value as collector’s items had been established. This pattern continued with all manner of things: Buy it, store it until it’s collectable, then sell for a handsome profit.

Not only has Mr. Biddle’s fortune grown over the years but his storage facility, now a massive building just outside of Dallas, has grown to immense proportions too. And, as a tourist attraction, it adds significantly to Mr. Biddle’s income.

People come from around the world, wait for hours in line, and pay a hefty price for tickets to see…

Les Biddle’s warehouse in Texas.

(apologies to Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds, and the late Jim Nabors)

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