Lest We Forget

This old and shaggy tale has been attributed to Bennett Cerf.

You may think a certain war cry was created because of a town in Texas. Not so. This is the way it was. A group of young soldiers were in what once was called an ice cream parlor. In those ancient days when prohibition was the rule of the land, they were a necessity where a group could gather and enjoy simple fun. As usual, the men in uniform were boisterous and soon ice cream wafers were flying about, annoying the other patrons. The police were called to quell the cookie caper but they were routed by the army lads who had a good supply of sundaes and pies topped with ice cream to throw at their opposition. The soldiers departed in triumph before the M.P.’s arrived and from then on, when they went to the fray, their battle cry was: … “Remember the Ala Mode!”

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