Interview: Dav Wallace

Yes, he spells his name “Dav”.

When Dav was in high school, there was a history assignment which required them to design and draw an Egyptian pyramid in which we would want to be entombed. His was fairly elaborate with hidden passages, traps, etc., plus a large spinning neon sign that read “DAV” (there was a line over the “A”). It sort of stuck with him, and he uses it as a state name of sorts.

Dav grew up in San Antonio and moved to Austin in 1991. He currently lives in Round Rock with his wife of twelve years and their two sons.

He makes his living as a technical writer for a local identity management software company under the guise of “Dave Wallace.”

His alter ego is an improv comedian with ComedySportz, although he occasionally performs with his friends at The Hideout Theater. He also writes and performs with Master Pancake Theater.

Brian: When did you first become interested in puns?

Dav: To be honest, it was the first time I saw ComedySportz. The last game they played was “185” wherein they fill in the punchline of a predefined joke with a pun based off of what the audience suggests. I was amazed at how quick-witted they players were and when I joined the troupe in 1997, I discovered that my grasp of the English language and ability to “make puns work” made me a natural punster.

Brian: How did you first learn about the Pun Off?

Dav: Living in the Austin area as long as I have, I had heard about it for a number of years but I guess I had no real interest until I started  cultivating my own comedic skills and coming into my own as a performer. 

Brian: How many times have you competed in Punslingers?

Dav: I first competed in the Pun-Off in 2008. Matt Pollock and I know each other from the “improv circuit” and entered together. I think I made it past the 2nd round that year (Matt took me out). I returned in 2009 and was eliminated in the semi-finals but missed 2010 because I did not make it to registration in time. 

Brian: Were there any puns you wanted to include this year, but didn’t?

Dav: I had a TON of puns locked and loaded for my round in “Arcade Games” but the one I did not get to fire off was during “Pregnancy” against Gracie (I had the most fun in that one). “If you are born premature in the Matrix, are you sent to the Neo-natal ward?”

Brian: How much time did you spend preparing for the competition?

Dav: I watched the Livestream of the 2010 Punslingers a couple of days before and my wife along with our friends spent a couple of nights drilling on topics. Interestingly enough, the topics we pulled out of thin air were actual topics used at the event! When I saw “Dogs” go up followed by “Weather” we all just stared at each other and laughed!

Brian: Have you ever competed in Punniest of Show?

Dav: Nope. It’s just not my style. I compare it to stand-up comedy versus improv. Stand-up involves preparation of material, well rehearsed timing and solid delivery. Improv on the other hand is more about being in the moment and focused enough to make that moment awesome. I certainly appreciate both styles but ultimately, improv offers me that wonderful challenge that makes me feel alive!

I strive to entertain and come up with the funny pun rather than a pun that just meets the criteria (although when you are under the gun, sometimes a lame pun keeps you in long enough to come up with that brilliant ZINGER). For me, that is FUN! The more fun I have up there, the more the audience has. That is always my goal…although winning is nice too! 

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