In verse logic (II)

By Clynch Varnadore of Punsters United Nearly Yearly (PUNY), this was created in response to In Verse Logic sent a few days ago.

Of course, the son of Sam Iam was famous for his philanthropy toward his creator. He was a large contributer to that group which studies mythology, named for Zeus, “The Olympic Zeusological Society”. It is a group of lawyers who jealously guard the right to the use of the Gods’ names. If a God’s name is written in blood, I.E. used in vein, they will write a letter saying “We will file lawzeuts against you! Yes, we will Zeu!”.

Sam’s biggest idea was that if some people were sacrificed to the Gods, then the slave auctions, (where-in males are sold to raise money for the aforementioned Society) would be blessed by the famous God and Doctor, Ted Guy-sell. regrettably, society (real society, not the organization) disagreed and put an end to son of Sam Iam’s deeds. Son of Sam Iam claimed his deeds were biblical since he was God, pointing to the passage in the Bible wherein God says, “I am that Iam!”, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

One legacy left by Sam Iam and his son is a once popular form of loose-fitting clothing which was used by Zeus’ worshippers in ceremony – the so-called Zeus-Suits.

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