In Verse Logic from the Country Hall of Fame

From Chris Cole who tells us:

I’ll be you didn’t know that one of Homer’s favorite scribes often accompanied him on short sailing trips. This scribe was also a musician whose gentle instrumentals often calmed Homer whenever he became agitated. Although normally quite eloquent of locution, when he got frustrated Homer could lapse into a most embarrassing lisp.

Well, one afternoon his scribe was late in joining Homer at the ship to sail back home and, as we all know, if you’re too late, the sails are gone forever. Noting Homer’s impatient glare, his scribe picked up his instrument and said, “Well, how about a little song to cheer you up? What do you say, Homer?”

Homer just grimaced, pointed to the pair of oars and said, “Jeth row, you fool! Jeth row!”

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