In the Cards

This is by Chris Cole.

It seems there once was a ghost who inhabited a little shopping mall. This ghost, however, was quite allergic to berries. So, when the local residents one day decided to hold a Berry Festival in the mall, the ghost became quite upset and decided to frighten them all away.

When the assembled crowd was at its largest, he held his breath until he swelled up to 10 times his normal size, then dramatically appeared and, instead of shouting the traditional “Boo!”, he bellowed out in a deep voice, “Hark!”

With that, everyone fled in panic, knocking over displays and tables, leaving behind only the stray dustball blowing in the wind. When a fellow ghost later asked our spiteful (or sprite-full?) spirit about his strange behavior, he replied that there was quite a simple reason for him to choose a mall-hark….. when you scare enough to end the berry fest!

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