In Memory of Custer

This is an older story with a new twist. It comes from H. Gwin and J. Love, colleagues at Lamar.

Dr. Combs (this is business, so I’m being formal):

I would like to nominate Dr. Jim Love for membership on your TFTD list. I believe he is worthy for the following reason.

Yesterday, I told him the story about the Custer’s Last Stand Mural, a work of art which an artist agreed to paint as long as he was allowed to paint whatever he wanted and in complete secrecy. Since he was a well-known artist, he was given the commission.

He worked in secret for almost a year, and finally the Great Day of Unveiling came. When the cloth was removed, all present gasped, some screamed, some fainted.

The painting featured a burning church and hundreds of Indians engaged in all imaginable kinds of sexual congress. The author explained that he had been inspired by Custer’s last words:

“Holy smoke! Look at all those [sexually explicit expletive deleted] Indians!”

After laughing heartily, Jim said “I guess they’d been reading the Kama Siouxtra.”

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