Hughes’ Widow

This version is from James Feron in the Punster. There is a similar variant in Ted Brett’s “Don’t Book a Judge by His Cover.”

U. P. I.: LAS VEGAS, Dec 27, 1998

Wanda Lord who was married to Howard Hughes for a short time in 1953 died at Lafayette Hospital today. There was no cause of death given. She entered the hospital three months ago after suffering a stroke at her home here. Records indicate she was 84 years old. Her marriage to Hughes lasted only four months. It was reported, at the time of the divorce, that she was interested in marrying Henry Kissinger, whom she met at her gala Las Vegas wedding reception.

According to her lawyer, Francis Martin, she often spoke of Kissinger and was reportedly heartbroken when Kissinger married a New York socialite.

During an interview in 1989 with a reporter from People magazine, she expressed sorrow that Kissinger has married someone else. “My one desire,” she said, was to marry Henry. It was a terrible blow to have to realize that when Henry married someone else, I would be unable to I ever say that . . . I’m Wanda Hughes Kissinger, now.”

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