How To Write Groaners

This was written by Himie Koshevoy and posted to the Groaners listserv.

You too can write puns. Here is how you do it in one easy lesson ….

Ranch furnishing in the sage brush country is informal and haphazard. For instance, picture a kitchen with a wood range for cooking and as well, there is a second, older stove, rusting and decrepit, no longer useful except as a table. On top of it sits a squat ice refrigerator to keep the ranch fruit and milk cool during the hot summer. It also holds some beer.

Got the scene? The door opens and in comes Cactus, one of the hands. He reaches into the old refrigerator for a beer, holds it down on the top to uncap it, the froth bubbles up and flows down the cold bottle and from there it drips on to the old stove.

Thus there will be … foam on the range where the beer and the cantaloupe stay….

Now, you try!

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