How To Lose Two-Hundred Ugly Pounds

By Alan B. Combs with a cascade of help from PUNY.

You probably saw the recent article on one of the news services where a woman stabbed her husband to death, stuffed him into a trash baggie, and threw his carcass into a convenient dumpster.

The jury decided it was a clear case of marital discard.

Bob Dvorak said, “Probably a hatchet job. We’ve all heard of ex murders.”

Gary Hallock added, ” I guess the old maid finally bagged herself a husband.”

I sent the above pun to my mailing list yesterday. In the bounced mail, I received the following email — which I also sent to the mailing list.

—– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–
(reason: 554 5.7.1 Message rejected because of unacceptable
content (SpamScore). For help, please quote incident ID 10274569.)
(expanded from:

It wasn’t porn, nor spam, nor did it contain unacceptable bad language. I guessed that the ISP has become a pun critic. Let us pray that PUNY doesn’t acquire such good taste.

Ms. Scarlett, bless her heart, replied, “See what happens when there are too many republicans in office…”

rosecatt had an alternative explanation. “Alan, obviously the problem is with the word carcass. You should have changed it to carbutt, carfanny, carbuttocks, or carseat. Silly!”

The most probable explanation came from Rich B from whom the bounce came. “I have my ISP’s new anti-spam filter cranked up to “MAX” and it appears to have mistaken “How To Lose Two-Hundred Ugly Pounds” for a weight loss pitch.”

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