How Things Do Change

by Alan B. Combs

Very recently I was reminded of some of the better times during high school. At that time, altogether too many years ago, one of the favorite beers was a rot-gut concoction that came across the border from Mexico. It had the logo “XX” and we always speculated that it kept many horse farmers in business. Nevertheless, it had the decided advantage of being really cheap.

Nowadays, you can see this beer being advertised on TV and sold in bars and stores as a pricey import. I consider this to be very ironic.

What is even more ironic is that a very similar beer is being brewed and sold in College Station by a couple of young entrepreneurs. And of course, in College Station, there is absolutely no shortage of the required horses. They named the beer after themselves and even the name of this new brew is very similar to the old favorite I described.

They call this gem “Dos Aggies.”

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