How Bigfoot Got His Name

By Alan B. Combs

One of the common themes of public lore is the topic of folk monsters. There is the Hispanic chupacabra that does unmentionable things to goats. There is the Wendigo of Canadian and Native Americans, and we are all familiar with the predations of the Himalayan Yeti.

We may also be familiar with another Canadian folk monster, but until recently it has been unclear how he got his name. This creature was first reported in the Province of Saskatchewan and he quickly achieved a bad reputation for his particularly vicious attack on provincial locals. Soon, they started calling the monster SAS – Saskatchewan’s Angry Sentient. This name stuck until some survivors of SAS attacks additionally reported on the particular feeding behavior of this beast. In order to devour his prey, he would kneel very low without his knees touching the ground.

When this became known, the monster became even more descriptively known as SAS-Squat.

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