How About a Cold One?

The following was a recent pun cascade posted on PUNY.

Well, since my “Mulligan Man” pun didn’t hook any fish, here’s another go:

What do you call an Eskimo prostitute?

Nanookie of the north!



I’d call it “The World’s Coldest Profession” :)



Does that make her a Frostitute?



Or a lady of the six-month night?



When she’s hot she’s hot, and when she’s cold……she’s still hot.

I heard that the Eskimo prostitute will have sex in exchange for a drink in the Yukon Saloon, which gives new meaning to “going ‘belly up’ to the bar”.

Guy Ben Moshe


Wasn’t she part of an ice-oseles love triangle? And had a reputation for being frigid?

Tiff Wimberly


I guess the igloo of ill repute would be considered a site for whore ice.

Gary Hallock


And when she displays her wares on her bicycle, she peddles ice all over town.

Alan Combs


Howell Gwin added the following:

What do you get if you visit an Eskimo prostitute?

What do you call Eskimo oral sex?

How do Eskimos make love?

If they don’t make love quickly, how DO they make love?

If people get hemorrhoids, do Eskimos get Polaroids?

What did the Eskimo minstrel say?
“My tail is told”.

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