Hispanic Folk-Monsters

The original tale is by Alan B. Combs. It led to a pun cascade on PUNY.

Folk-monsters are a part of the underculture in many countries. Fear of bogeymen, vampires, werewolves, dervishes, zombies, and other such unfriendly life forms (speaking loosely) is part of being human. I have recently become familiar with a fairly well-described Hispanic entity. This fearsome creature is a modern affliction, combining the very worst aspects of military helicopters with a peculiar abuse of goats. Found mostly in Mexico and Puerto Rico, this is, of course, the dreaded choppercabra.

Then you cross him with a poisonous snake and get the choppercobra.

–Deann Alford

No. That’s what Siamese twin biker chicks wear to keep their boobs from sagging.


Well I’ve seen some stretches in my time and that definitely ranks; reminds me of the small police floating aircraft — the chopper copper.

Joseph Harris

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