Hi Tech Warfare

Jacob Sommer [lensman@earthlink.net] wrote this on alt.callahans.

Apparently they’ve been developing some pretty hi-tech weapons in the World Domination category for satellites. The nuclear bomb, the big rock, the Barney leaflets… but the most dangerous is the solar powered laser. Apparently the builders managed to make some very good capacitors capable of pumping out enormous energy and have some damn good batteries that store up… well, I believe the technical term is “a shitload of energy”.

They tested it recently out near Area 51, natch, and the thing was incredible. One sustained shot turned an area well over a mile in diameter into fused glass. The scientists were ecstatic but there were still questions as to usage. The best question came from the engineer who put himself through college by working at a fast food restaurant that shall remain unnamed – “Wow… Would you fry lakes with that?”

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