Heroes To The Occasion

Tiff Wimberly tells us this (mostly, I think) true tale.

You all probably didn’t know this but I have given birth to at least two superheroes.

I realized that my daughter was a superhero when she was a wee toddler babe and it was only after bathtime that her special powers would surface. She would run around naked with a hooded towel on her head. The “Queen of Clean”…a grime fighter! Able to run rings around a tub.

One half of my twins is the other superhero. (I guess Sam hasn’t realized his powers yet.)

By day, he is Parker Wimberly, mild-mannered (sometimes) son but, by PLAY he becomes a superhero. He wears a beat up black cowboy hat and a simple black polyester cape. (I have to use bribing tactics to get him to take it off before he goes into a store.) He tries to emulate a little known Disney cartoon character named Darkwing Duck but I call him Parkwing Duck. With the black cowboy hat and the black flowing cape I am more inclined to think of him as…..GARTH VADER!

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