Hardy Flock

This is from Sailor Jim [JJohnston@Titan.SFASU.EDU], and it was published on alt.callahans..

I don’t know if I ever mentioned the fact that I raise fowl (the straight lines are provided for free, take advantage of them while you can) on my little farm … as a matter of fact, I’ve gone as far as to do a few breeding experiments.

Just finished my latest … I wanted chickens that would be so tough and aggressive that they could protect themselves from any threat (sorta like crossing a chicken with [well known patron of alt.callahans, ref. deleted]). Hmmmmmm, that woulda worked, too … tough, aggressive … and the breast meat! … must see if I can get her to give me some DNA) … where was I? Oh, yeah.

What I ended up with was a small flock of hens so tough they can peck their way through sheet metal.

Surely you’ve all heard of my hybrid … the “Armor Piercing Pullets?”

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