Halloween, Patriotic & Shaggy

An original feghoot for your Halloween pleasure from Bob Levi (boblevi@starnetinc.com).

Three college students were trying to decide how each of them should dress for a forthcoming fraternity Halloween costume party.

The first one was a European history major. Since he was currently studying Russian Communism, he thought that he might dress as one of his heroes, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. “Who was he,” asked one of the others.

“You know him as Lenin,” was the reply. “Not only was Lenin a disciple of Karl Marx, but he became the first Chairman of the Communist Party in Russia after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. And some people even think that I look like him, so that’s who I’ll dress up as for the party.”

The second student, who was an architect major, decided to dress up as famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. “I’m really fond of Wright’s unique architectural work, known as the Prairie School,” he said. “Besides, his flamboyant style of dress will make a good costume.”

“My choice for the party is simple,” said the third student, who was an art major. “My favorite artist is Thomas Gainsborough, who is best know for his portrait painting of Johanthan Buttall. You know the work as “The Blue Boy,” the young art student stated.

So they all went down to the costume shop and told the proprietor who they wanted to represent at the Halloween party. The shop owner told them that he needed time to put the costumes together so he suggested — “Why don’t you all take a seat over there in those three chairs for the Red, Wright, and Blue.”

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