Hair-Razing Experience

This is by Bob Dvorak.

In the era of the ancients, the gods controlled all aspects of life. The ancient astrologers assigned names to the constellations, and ascribed by observation various character traits to individuals based on the skies at birth.

Of course, some of these traits were positive, and some negative. And, as in all societies, the positive were rewarded and the negative, denigrated.

In one particular society one of the worst traits with which one could be born was to be a kvetch. Constant whining. Never-ending complaints. So much were these individuals hated that, in mind of some long-forgotten historic complainer, they were made to wear a large “H” on a rope around the neck, so unsuspecting society could see them coming.

As one such poor individual went to the agora one morning to receive his stigma and put it on, a bystander was heard to observe, “This is the donning of the “H” of a querulous.”

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