Go with the Flow

Another original spurious-synapse product from Chris Cole.

Bee keeper Ben R. Jizer prided himself on the very potent, flavorful honey his bees produced. It was quite by accident, however, that he discovered another rather peculiar quality of his honey. It dissolved rubber gaskets. How, you may ask, did he discover that?

One of his honey distributors suggested to Ben that he package his honey in bottles resembling little glass barrels, fitted with a handy spigot on the side for dispensing the honey. That was the beginning of the end. For, when they filled the jars with Ben’s honey, it began to seep out of the still-closed spigot. They turned the spigot on and off, on and off, but they could not stop the flow of honey, no matter how tightly they muscled closed the spigot.

Later, when the distributor’s boss asked why Ben’s honey was nol going to be marketed in the cute little barrels with the handy spigots, the distributor replied, “That Ben R. Jizer’s honey just keeps going and going and going…”

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