Getting it off your Chess

his was posted by Tom Smith, the Filker, on alt.callahans. This link is to his site.

“Perhaps you didn’t realize,” quoth Tom, “that, in my misspent youth, I was a tournament chess player. In fact, thanks to a mathematical quirk, I was officially a Master for… ohh, maybe twelve hours. The next day I lost the first two games in a long losing streak, and soon I was back where I should be.” He smiles both wryly and wistfully. “It’s been awhile.

“In the meantime, Milady should be cautious. Excessive consumption of peanuts could start Staunton your growth. I used to have a strong-willed Soviet, who’s now just a Petrosian — he started out as a Baer, but Morphy’d into a Karpov a sort never seen by any Fischer, man. He’s really just a ghost of his former self — the Kasparov the chess set.”

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