Getting a Bang Out of It

This one was posted by Dr. Rob (Hampson) []. Bless his heart, another pharmacologist in alt.callahans.

Speaking of travels, I heard that when Marco Polo first opened the trade routes to China, he was quite impressed with their rockets. Now, these weren’t quite the fireworks we now know, but they did shoot into the air, explode and make some pretty patterns. Strangely, no matter where he went, there were people who made fireworks, but he had trouble finding someone to demonstrate them for him.

“Not here!” they said. …very confusing. Until ol’ Marc came upon an ancient military fortification at the community of Chu’Lai. Here, fireworks were launched every night, and Marc was very impressed!

But still he wondered, “Why here?” At the end of every week, people came from great distances, bringing their own fireworks to launch. So Marco Polo asked his guide why everyone came here to launch their fireworks.

Marc’s guide replied:

“Why honored Sir, We always set off fireworks on the Forts of Chu’Lai”

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