Gamey Dice II

I recently posted the pun, Gamey Dice, a pun that was created by Lin Ka-Ming (aka Magus Firecow). The punchline in this story was “Milton’s pair of dice lost to Al + Gary’s define comedy”.

To which John Barnstead replied:

The first omitted bit concerns the fabled Kublai Khan Kallahan’s Mystic Artifact Repository Tower (aka KKK-MART), which, as the architecturally astute Magus has rightly indicated, had serious structural flaws. These had, in fact, brought about the collapse of the tower some years before. Al and Gary consulted their local equivalent of a ouija board, in their case a new Scrabble board, which informed them of the solution. They would have to hawk their own peanut supply to re-erect what Milton Bradley had built in such a slipshod fashion. They would have to Selchow and Righter, all by themselves…

They would also have to do something about the strange temporal inversions which seemed to be affecting their ficton. I mean, who ever heard of a collection of morbid tales being arranged in anything OTHER than chronological order? This caused them no little concern, since obviously manipulating the time function of a ficton is considerably more complicated than rebuilding a tower. They consulted far and wide, even approaching the wine-growers association in Allighieri’s native Italy, which treated their queries as an annoying joke, and the festival organizers for the Corn-grinders’ Guild of Great Britain, who were in the midst of arranging the annual Winter Fair and were, many of them, even taking tranquilizers to deal with the stress of competing with the Brewers’ Bund of Nuremburg for the best frozen sculpture. They did promise to provide a grant towards the time repair if they won the competition. Alas, the Brewers’ Bund pulled of somewhat of a coup by using frozen beer for their depiction of the Budweiser Clydesdales… So Al and Gary were not surprised to receive two telegrams, one after the other, and they grimaced sadly as they shifted their gaze from “Don’t tease de Vine Committee” to “Mill Towns’ parade ice lost”…..

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