Frying Tuck

This was written and posted on PUNY by Gatotomaso. Pretty good groaner, actually. Just don’t let such creations get to be a habit.

When Friar Tuck was a part of Robin Hood’s band in Sherwood Forest, he owned a small donkey which he used on occasion to transport his well fed frame. Being that he was more interested in feeding that frame, he neglected his donkey to the point where it became infested with lice and other vermin. This was a source of annoyance, not only to the merry men, but to neighboring peasant farmers, since the donkey would wander among their livestock.

One day a peasant came to Robin carrying a sheep and complained about the Friar’s donkey. When Robin asked him what was wrong with the sheep, he replied, ” The lice of Tuck’s ass are upon ewe.”

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