From the Roman Internet Oracle

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Q: Who was the goddess of night?
A: Nox.
Q: Who?
A: Nox.
Q: Who?
Q: Who’s there?

Q: Who’s Jupiter’s Wife?
A: Juno.
Q: No, that’s why I asked.

Huh? OK, one more.

The scene was Mount Olympus, where Bacchus, the Greek
god of wine, had thrown a party for a pair of visiting
Roman deities — Ceres, the goddess of agriculture,
and Janus, the two-faced god of doors and beginnings.

Everyone over did it, more or less. Ceres at one point
was staggering and turning in circles; Janus, equally
submerged, was trying to dance with her. Bacchus feared
that the pair might fall over, so he went to steady
them. This marked the first time that a whirled Ceres
was held with a double-header.

Get it? Whirled Ceres? Double… oh forget it. Sheesh.

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