Friday Punster Warm-Up – APRIL 22, 2011

Gary Hallock just released the following:

We had a cozy little turnout last Friday for our first gathering in the Friday warm-up series. Or group of hard corpses were visited by veteran competitor Bert Piboin and 2010 MVP winner, Jacob Dodson who has been so emboldened by his good showing in last year’s Punniest of Show event that he’s decided to go for the PunSlinger trophy this time around. Well, these Friday warm-ups are definitely the pathway to greatness. Just ask any of the die hard PunSlingers who have risen to the top in this game. It’s the same route a successful realtor takes to get to a speaking engagement at Carnegie Hall. Locution, locution, locution!

This week any and all aspiring punsters and promoters will gather at The Brick Oven downtown at 1209 Red River. (Libations and pizza available on request)

I’ll be there around 6:30 to dine in with my lovely wife, Chris. Come early if you would like to meet her. Arrive fashionably late if you just want to jest and ingest with the best of the rest. Regardless of who, when places or shows, we will linger until the end bitters around 9:30pm.

Also, please consider signing up for our YahooGroup for Pun-Off fans/participants. Here you can ask stupid questions and receive lame answers without risking ignominy. (See subscription info below.)

Gary Hallock – Pun-Off Producer/ emcee

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