Foul Economy

This is from Stan Kegel. The author is unknown.

Once there were these two birds that, every year for quite a few years, had one egg, which they hatched and nurtured and loved until the little chick was ready to leave the nest. Then, one year, they had TWO eggs! Well, they were just so excited they could hardly stand it; this year they would each have an egg to take care of and love. They kept close watch on those two eggs so that no harm came to them. Then one day when the eggs were ready to hatch, an earthquake shook the tree that the nest was in; the two birds flew away to safety, all the while worrying about those two eggs that were about to hatch. When the tremor was finished, they hurried back to the nest. As they neared it, they heard one strong “Cheep” coming from the nest. They were worried that something might have happened to the other egg, but when they got to the nest, they found that there were two chicks cheeping in unison. This just goes to show that two can cheep as lively as one.

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