Fish Story

This is from Gilbert Krebs .

Once, a group of people were talking about various objects that were found i n fish. They commented on things like coins, boots and other objects that fish had swallowed because they thought they were edible.

One of them said, “I must tell you of an interesting experience that I had many years ago about this same subject. I was in love with a very beautiful girl. I proposed to her and she accepted. Shortly afterward, I had to leave town on an extended business trip. I was away for a few months and before I returned home, I purchased a ring with a large diamond for my fiancee. I wanted to surprise her when I returned and was filled with pleasant anticipation.

“On my trip home on the train, I was reading a newspaper and was shocked to see an item describing the marriage of my fiancee to another man. I was enraged beyond words. As the train approached a bridge, I walked to the platform between the cars and tossed the ring into a river.

“About six months later I was in a restaurant and ordered the special of the evening which was fish. As I took a bite, I felt something hard. I took it out of my mouth. Guess what it was?”

“The diamond ring!” cried one of the group.

“No,” was the reply, “it was a fish bone.”

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