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Final Friday Warm-Up Gathering

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With just a week until the Pun-Off, Gary Hallock has this update.

YES, you’ve been procrastinating long enough. It’s now down to the wire and this is your FINAL chance to get in on the …

PUNSTER WARM-UP GATHERING – Friday, MAY 13 (You feel lucky, punk!?)
6:30 – 10pm – OPAL DIVINE’S FREEHOUSE – 700 W. 6th St. – Downtown Austin.

This lively pub/grill is in the heart of Austin’s entertainment district and has a very nice private space upstairs for us to gather and gab. Bring your A-game and come spar with some of your potential rivals.

Last year at this final gathering we had about a dozen folks seated around the table shuttling topics back & forth with recluse abandon. Great thrills for me and you alike. Let’s make it happen again!

Stand by for exciting details on next week’s FRIDAY PUNSTER BANQUET & P.O.T.Y. ROAST. This one comes on MAY 20th, the eve of the contest and it’s the one you certainly can’t afford to miss. Details reservation info in a separate message. Please do not delete!

Beast twitchers,

Gary (Leerless Feeder) Hallock

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