Feeding Ruvals

This was submitted to Brian by Doug Fitler.

A man walking down the street one day spotted a small, forlorn looking animal, sitting pitifully beside the street. It appeared to be lost, hungry and scared, so the man took the animal home.

Once at home, he began looking for something to feed the animal, but everything he tried, the animal just completely refused. This worried the man, since he felt certain that the creature would die if it didn’t eat soon.

He took the animal to the veterinarian and as he walked in, the vet looked up and said, “My word! What a fine looking animal!”

The man was surprised, but then said, “Well, thank you – but what is it?”

The vet said, “Why, that’s a Ruval, of course. Didn’t you know?”

And the man replied, “No… um, I just found him on the side of the road, but he seems to be sick. I’ve tried everything I could think of and he just won’t eat.”

The vet laughed, and told the man to put the Ruval on the examining table. Then, he took some coins from his pocket and tossed them on the table. BAM! Just like that, the coins were gone, eaten by the Ruval.

The man said, “Wow! But why does it eat money?”

And the vet said, “Why, haven’t you heard? Money is the eat of all Ruvals!”

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