Essene Essence and other old tales

By Alan B. Combs and Chris Cole

Archeology, that ancient science of antiquities (or is it the antiquated science of ancients), received much favorable press with the Indiana Jones sagas. Usually, though, archeology is more quiet than that.

One exception to this quiet occurred a few years ago in the Middle East when a new cache of ancient written material was found near the Northern border of the Dead Sea. Controversy arose immediately. It appeared that while many of the documents were authentic, several were much more recent forgeries.

What a potential calamity. The archeologists who all lived much farther to the South argued about what to do. It was decided that by combining their expertise, they would be able to discard the bogus material. In fact, each one of them was heard to agree that, “When the scrolls are culled up yonder, I’ll be there!”

Chris followed with:

A Bible Study friend of mine years ago wondered whether the Marriage Supper of the Lamb referred to in Scripture might not include the song, “When the rolls are served up yonder”…… Well….food for thought, anyway! :)

As for “culled up yonder”…perhaps that might refer to the separation of the sheep from the goats? Hmm…. (I can hear some pun-hater saying, “Baaaahhhh!”)

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